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"Not only is Dave Owens an accomplished musician and vocalist, he has also created a number of albums that will still be relevant and satisfying to listen to a decade from now. Beyond the music, David has a grasp for the music industry and community that’s necessary to create lasting music. I have always enjoyed my conversations with him."  
 Jon at Tinderbox Music

"No doubt about it, Dave Owens is a stand out amongst singer songwriters. His new cd, 'Love Via Music', is chock full of relative lyrics delivered with passion and raw emotion. It shows off his versatility, as well as, his ability to keep the listener engaged, from the first track to the last. This guy is one of those independent artists you want to watch closely so you don't miss any part of their rise to fame."
- Karen E. Reynolds, Program Director, Writer'sBlock Radio Show 

"He's like the Chuck Norris of the music world; he doesn't want to commit to musical genres, they want to commit to him. His smooth, honey-dripping voice (with an edge) will melt you in your overstuffed coffee-shop chair." 
Jade (blogger)

"I love the Sneaky Song!" 
- Dr. Dot

"I've never seen anybody work quite so hard to achieve the dream. He lives it, he breathes it, he eats it, he sleeps it, and he's really good at what he does..." " 
Tony Cox, GM i105 WFIV

"Dave has an amazing voice and writes from the heart. He's REAL..and there is something in each song that can touch you personally. I have listened to "When You're Lonely" more time than I can count. Dave sings with such soul and depth that you feel like he is singing directly to you. Dave Owens IS Love via Music. "
- Patricia Baer, iTunes (Oct 04, 2011)

"Dave Owens “Love via Music” release is just that…LOVE via MUSIC. You can feel his whimsical passion with every lyric, every string stroke and pluck, and every drum tap. Dave delivers a vocal warmth and passion that makes his music a great fit for my station."
- Bruce Patrick (Program Director), WJRV 

"Amazingly talented artist. You can listen to any of his songs while reading, driving, or simply falling away into of his soul-full stories told with each chord, note, and feeling brought out by his music. Praise and recognition for this talent reaches as far as Korea to England to here in our United States. You will not be disappointed..." 

- simpleminded zen, iTunes 

"Aptly titled, this CD (Love via Music) runs through a gauntlet of sound and emotions throughout each song. The entire album seams to encompass the heart and soul of the singer, and each song has it's own reasons to make it your favorite. I don't think there is a bad song on the album, not even a skip over song. "
- Robin Hall, iTunes (May 03, 2011)

"I listened (spellbound), and then I listened to the whole CD again. WOW! I was, and am still, totally blown away by the originality of each piece, the heart and soul mingled with the rhythm and blues and laced with Jazz melding with pop. Each song is an inspiration of what music should be...If you can only afford to buy one CD this year, I hope you will buy Love Via Music by Dave Owens."
- Violet Davis (listener)

"...I've listened to my fair share and I love when it comes so easy for people - Dave Owens is one of those real down home people who it comes easy's real music and flows naturally."
- Amy Aldrich, Coffee Lovin' Mom

"An incredible album (Love via Music) that shows a true talent! Every songs possesses a unique sound and the songs are beautiful, every one of them - from the quirky Sneaky Song to the enchanting verses of From This Cloud (We Call Love). I have had this album on repeat since I received it and have shared it with friends and family. I say it is a Must Have!"
- Maxine Gunn (listener)

"Dave Owens has hit a virtual home run with "Love Via Music". Intriguing lyrics, blended with great music. "Love Via Music" is a must have for any serious collection. "
- DennisDouble, WDVX Writer's Block Radio Show

"It's catchy, I like Dave Owens...very talented. "
- Gavin Barclay, Producer: Covert Affairs, Nip Tuck 

"I love the breadth of style in this album — from gentle acoustic pop of Song in B, to the smooth jazz-like feel of Chicago, to the Southern charm of Carry Me Home (Tennesse). Keep track of this kid, he’s going places. "
- Mara Fraser, Life of a Bearheadedgirl 

"Dave writes from the heart and is effortlessly able to translate who he is and what he believes in. "
- Melody Zephyr

"Regardless of critical praise and image and labels people assign him, all that concerns Owens is progressing every day on this musical course he has chosen."
- Amanda Dyslin, The Free Press - Mankato, MN

"I like Dave's voice, it's slightly raspy (read: sexy, girls). It's fun to sing Dave's songs and I can't sit still when I listen to his music either. And yes, I AM listening to Sneaky Song right now. And yes, I'm boogy-ing on down in my chair. There's a michevious twinkle that surrounds Dave like an aura. "
- Mara Fraser, The Life of a Bearheaded Girl

"I think this is one of the best artists out there! Great CD! "
- dan the man!, iTunes 

"I could easily listen to (Dave) sing and play for a very long time."
- Clare Blackman, UK Recording Artist

"Go to all Dave's shows - he rocks my socks off. Metaphorically speaking... "
- Sam Grimes , Minneapolis Recording Artist

"You know, after a long day of working, there is nothing like hopping in the car and putting my 15 song repeat cd of Song in B. "
- Austin Wolff, Myspace

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